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Plane of Ministering Angels

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“Now, there is a science that transcends both the so-called material and mental sciences. A Science that is above both. This science is the Divine Science; the Spiritual Science; the Science of Reality; the Science of Perfection; the Science of ISness. It is the plane of the heavenly law; the plane of ministering angels; the plane of the Holy Ghost; the plane of the Perfect Land; the plane of the new Jerusalem. It is the plane of the Fourth Dimension; the plane of Truth; the plane of the Risen Christ; it is the plane of The Finished Kingdom.”

--Lillian DeWaters, “The Finished Kingdom”


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Divine Science Resources

At one time Divine Science was the largest of the various denominations of New Thought, today it ranks sixth in the constellation of these organizations.

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At least one of its schools has a fairly solid ranking in DivinitySchool.net but has not produced any major teachers in about 50 years. The other schools have not yet attained a review by DivinitySchool.net

There are also other schools outside of the United States but they also have not been reviewed by DivinitySchool.net

DivintyScience School DC
• Secondary Campus in DC
• Tertiary Campus in CO • Various Extensions

What is the truth about Mary Magdalene?

Was Mary Magdalene a wild, loose woman? a prostitutes? a hedonist?

Or is Mary Magdalene, the lover, companion of the Yesua and a key disciple?

Or is she both?!!

— Luke 5:36-39

"And he spake also a parable unto them: . . . No man putteth new wine into old skins; as new wine will burst old skins, be wasted, and even the old skins shall perish. New wine must be put into new skins; then both are preserved."

--Luke 5:36-39


We invite you to use these resources for living a Divine-centered and richly fulfilling spiritual life. New Thought is a diverse culture, some denominations base their teachings on the ministry of Jesus Christ. Others draw on the rich diversity of the world’s spiritual traditions. All of New Thought respects diverse traditions.

The resources here represent those most often used in the exploration of all forms of DivineScience.

We encourage you to explore New Thought in all its forms. There are few remaining Divine Science Centers at this time, but there are other which can all be found via FindACenter.com

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