provides New Thought Seekers and Shareres with a comprehensive online library of classic New Thought Works to support the exploration of New Thought. You can copy and paste from the library saving you hours of time and loads of energy.
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Divine Tao allows you to cross-reference spiritual teachings using the Tao as a convenient matrix.

This project enables New Thought Ministers, Seekers and Sharers to explore the Tao and using the congruencies link at the bottom of each Tao page to discover the teachings in other spiritual traditions which are congruent or parallel to that particular Tao or Te. provides links to Gnostic texts, censored texts and recently discovered texts available online as well as the standard "Bible Gateways".

explore the complete gospels at
We are truly blessed to have the support of Serving New Thought. Which is constantly striving to create more wonderful New Thought Resources to support seekers and sharers. is another great resource.

Explore Divine Science

Divine Science Beliefs

Explore Divine Science Beliefs

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Divine Science Information

There is a growing set of dynamic and wonderful resources to support the New Thought Seeker and his teacher.

There are many bottles to slake one's thirst but which vintage is better?

Some say the new, others say the old, and still others say none at all. helps to clarify which school might be better for you!

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