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Wouldst Thou Be Made Whole

By Carrie F. Munz


Wouldst thou be made whole? What do you think would be the answer to this question if it were placed before the whole nation, or before all nations? Can you imagine the roar of acceptance to such an invitation? The question is close to the heart of each one. The need for healing of experiences, problems, and inharmonious conditions is the great need of the human race, every member of which is seeking to solve his problems.

We no longer think of healing as applying merely to physical inharmony or a release from bodily aches and pains. We see the need of change in the mental realm of beliefs and opinions which result in physical pain and inharmony.

Since the desire for healing is a universal one. We turn to the most successful healer of all time, Jesus Christ. We study his method of operation, his understanding of creative Law, and his application of that knowledge to daily living.

First, we perceive that inharmony is a result of wrong thinking. Such thinking is based upon the acceptance of appearances and experiences as realities. Jesus noted this error and admonished the one who had been healed, not to sin (miss the mark) again lest a worse thing befall him. We set a wrong pattern by untrue thinking; thus we experience the same results again and again, until at last we say, “I will arise and go to my Father. . .I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills”. . . to higher spiritual ground than that on which I now stand.

Our next question is, “How shall I change the habits of a lifetime?” Again we quote the Master Healer, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” Has this injunction ever puzzled you? Many have questioned its meaning. Doubtless its value lies in the positive, authoritative words, “Judge righteous judgment.” At once we ask, “What is righteous judgment?” We must answer this question before we proceed to our next step. Right judgment is always based upon a principle or truth. Judgment based upon experiences, or the opinions of others, always brings uncertain results. The application of the principles of business, music, art, mathematics, or those of any other activity will always bring sound results.

Why not apply the same thought to spiritual principles, law, and demonstration? Consider for a moment what is the most fundamental principle of life that you actually accept as unchanging in its nature, action, and certainty? Remember, principle is basic, fundamental, eternal, and perfect. The question is stupendous, but if the understanding of spiritual healing is to have real meaning, we must have a real answer to this question.

As you look out upon the world, what impresses you most deeply with a sense of permanency? From a universal standpoint, is it not the fact that LIFE IS? Life may pass through many changes, but it continually comes forth, fulfills its purpose, seemingly disappears, and reappears.

Then, do you not accept the fact of a tremendous POWER that is forever active in our universe?

Third, are you willing to acknowledge a marvelous INTELLIGENCE that is carrying out a great plan?

Here we have three inherent qualities of universal Principle that no one can deny—Life, Power, Intelligence. To these the more awakened person will add Love and Substance. Think of perfect Life, perfect Power, perfect Intelligence work with perfect Love throughout the universe and you will have taken your first step into the perception of eternal Reality. These qualities of Principle in action constitute the Law.

Spiritual healing is the result of knowing and obeying the Law of the Creator. Thus we tune in with realities, and tune out all mistaken beliefs. Spiritual healing is no miracle to one who understands the Law of God. God is Principle. Principle in action is Law. Life in action—in nature, in man, in all that is—is a manifestation of God. How clear and real this must have been to Jesus—he perceived; he was aware of man from the standpoint of God! Thousands of earnest individuals have lifted their realization beyond the sense of awareness and have found healing for themselves and others.

Learn to think and live from Principle. Let go of attitudes and habits that result in physical inharmony. Here is a list of offenders—are any of these yours?







Indifference to righteousness

Judging the lives and actions of others

Lack of integrity in word or act

Why list more? We all know that impure, selfish attitudes cannot result in peace, harmony, and joyful living.

A man had been defrauded of friendship and property by one whom he had trusted. He developed a severe case of illness, suffering almost beyond endurance. He went to a practitioner for help. She soon found that he had a definite attitude of hatred for his former friend. She told the man that he was suffering the result of his wrong thinking and emotional upset.

“I thought you could heal me,” he said.

“You must correct your own mistake,” she told him, “and you will get well.”

He left in an indignant mood.

Several weeks later, her doorbell rang and there stood a man that the practitioner did not recognize. But I was the same man, now well and happy. He had come to tell his story. He told her how very ill he had been after he had left her; how he had thought of the things she had said, and how he had resolved to practice these truths. He had experienced wonderful results. After real effort, on his part, to change his attitude toward his friend, he began to improve. He built his new attitude on the divine quality of Love, until he eradicated all the old negative thoughts. He decided to visit his old friend and this man too, had a change of heart; he regretted his past error to the point of making financial restoration. The healing of mental, financial, and physical conditions had been complete. “Resist not evil.” This is something to think about and to practice as we search for healing.

The psychologist has uncovered the mental source of man of our difficulties. Our daily beliefs, opinions, emotional habits, and the suggestions given and received, constitute a vast subconscious and conscious background of impressions, images, and patterns that we are following from desire or habit. We all know the result of worry upon heart action and digestion, and how intolerance, envy, or greed will cause tension. Let us not blame ourselves when we discover these ugly mental traits in our make-up, but rather let us recognize and affirm the opposite traits as the truth of ourselves. Think of the Principle that lies back of and within all.

Sometimes it is a poverty complex that needs healing. We forget the universal abundance and so do not let ourselves include the larger field of life in our thinking. Affirm the abundance of God’s love and power. Claim it for yourself, for all. Let go of the narrow, limited outlook. Open wide your consciousness to universal Spirit—perceive, accept, love, and bring forth into your world that which God is even now expressing through you. Heal your poverty complex, your feeling of lack. Spiritual healing is no miracle; and it does not just happen.

Spiritual healing is the result of an awakened realization of higher Power and its Law. Spiritual healing is being true in your thinking to that which is eternally true of God, of you, and of me. According to your understanding of Life and its Law, and according to your faith will it be unto you.

Choose a truth that you wish to realize, one full of meaning for you; then affirm it many times a day until it becomes a part of your very self. Here are some helpful statements:

There is but one creative Presence in the universe. This infinite Intelligence brings forth all that it is. The perfect Love of God holds all that it creates within itself.

Since there is but One, then I am that which God creates. I am forever established in Life by the Law of Life. God individualizes Himself as me. I am forever the perfect idea in divine Mind. My Father and I are one.

Why not be healed now? Healing depends upon our decision and upon our determination to live to our highest concepts. Easy? No! It is too precious to be easy. Spiritual knowledge is the pearl of great price, the growth in understanding of the eternal, which makes us free. This will require our greatest effort, our deepest endeavor, our highest aspiration, but it will bring results beyond our deepest longings and brightest dreams.

The healing of the little concept I have had of my self will help me to blossom into a realization of the true Self—the child of God that I am. Thus the divine purpose for me on this plane will be fulfilled.

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Rev. Lawrence C. Terry, D.S.G., DSc.F.



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