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Divine Science Statement of Being

By C.L. and M.E. Cramer

There can be but one ALL. This ALL in All is God and God-Manifest.

One is the number Unity.

Unity is forever the state or nature of ONE.

God being Infinite, there is no finite. He is all of Being, Creative Action and Creation. “I and my Father are one.”

God is Spirit, all of Life, Love, Truth, Substance, Soul and Intelligence – all of Knowledge, all of Power, all of Presence. Like expresses like; hence, man is Spirit, Life, Love, Truth, Substance, Soul, Intelligence, Knowledge, Power and Presence – the exact image and likeness of God, co-eternal and co-equal with Him.

Nothing can be manifested that is not, before it is manifested. As God alone is, it is God who is manifested in an ever-present creation.

That which is begotten of Spirit is Spirit. I AM before I am manifested. Man is potential in God and is expressor, co-worker, and capable of doing His will, demonstrating the nature of Spirit.

Man is Being and existence, created in the image of God’s eternity and wholeness. There is one Spirit and one Body. Individually we are inseparable. Evil (so-called) is simply “falling short” or missing the mark of this Truth.


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Rev. Lawrence C. Terry, D.S.G., DSc.F.



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