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The Kingdom of the Law

By Nona Brooks

Following is the first three full paragraphs from this powerful booklet.

Eventually the entire booklet will be completed and available on line.

There are certain philosophies which teach that we cannot know God – that a finite being cannot know Infinite Being. Divine Science does not believe this; it knows that we can. God is not “The Unknowable.” Those who say that we cannot know God are right, if by that they mean that no individual can at any one time comprehend – embrace the whole of God; but since the Being of God is the Spirit within us, and what God is is to be found in His Being everywhere, we have within us the Mind of discernment, of comprehension, of knowledge, of understanding, of consciousness. You and I understand and exercise this Mind to the degree that we clear away the debris of human opinion, and let this Mind be our mind. “Let this Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, “ is Paul’s injunction. And Eliphaz admonishes Job, “Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace; thereby good shall come unto thee.”

I can think of no better illustration to bring out my point of knowing God than that of the ocean. How do you know that the water of the ocean is salty? The first taste of the ocean did not prove this; and we have not tasted the entire ocean. But when human beings found that whenever and wherever they tasted the drops of water they dipped from this limitless body these were salty, they began generalizing from many specific instances. And we say that the ocean is salty. This is true of our knowledge of God. It is not for the individual to embody the whole of God in order to know that God is Love. When we touch Infinite Power at many points, and find that at each point Love is expressing, we can say with certainty that God is Love. And we can rejoice to think that in the Infinite Ocean of God-Being, “we live, move, and have our Being.” We not only live in God, but since God-Being has no boundary line, God lives in you and in me. God is within us; He is sharing His Being and His Mind with us; and just to the degree that we cast out our petty misconceptions and opinions and realize Divine Mind do we know God. It would be sad, indeed, if it were necessary for our salvation – in order to be happy, well, and powerful – that we know God, and then that there should be some barrier which made our knowledge impossible. What a tragedy this would be. But there is in reality no barrier; there are only our misconceptions. “This is life eternal to know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.”

If I find that as I seek to know God better and to live by His Nature more perfectly I become more able, more loving, healthier, happier, I connect the two experiences and it is natural for me to say: “To know God is love more abundant.” Jesus said that when we come to know Truth we shall be free. And the Truth is Law. To know God is to know Law. God acts by law; one beneficent system of law is universal. As we come to know God, we begin to understand the Kingdom of Law, for God is true to His own Nature; God is true to himself, and God’s rule of action is Law. God is not loving at one time, and unloving at another; there is no lawlessness in God’s rule of action. We learn of the certainty of God’s rule of action in the New Testament. Jesus taught us that we could now our way of salvation, and depend on it.

Law is the way a thing always acts or reacts under certain conditions.


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