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Divine Science

Its Principles and Faith

We, in Divine Science, receive many inquiries as to what Divine Science stands for. To say that Divine Science is similar to some other teaching does not justify its existence as a school of thought. To say that it differs from this teaching or that teaching is to place us in the position of seeming to criticize the fine spiritual work which is being done by our contemporaries.

“Order is heaven’s first law,” and since we are free from dogma and limitations of creed, we realize that a common platform of spiritual understanding unifies us in our thinking processes. This enables us to give to the world, especially to those who are ready to received our contribution, a principle which we have discovered and which has proved effective in the overcoming of un-Godlike limitations in thought, body, and affairs.

In replying to these many requests we offer herewith some of the outstanding points emphasized in the teachings of the affiliated groups and workers in the field who use the name of Divine Science and build their work upon its principle.


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  1. Definition of Divine Science
  2. Divine Science Stands for
  3. The Divine Science Statement of Being
  4. Omnipresence
  5. The Trinity
  6. The Inherencies of God
  7. Concerning Creation
  8. Concerning Man
  9. Concerning the Power of Thought
  10. Concerning Truth
  11. Use of the Bible
  1. Jesus
  2. Evil
  3. Immortality
  4. Death
  5. Prayer
  6. Healing
  7. Evolution
  8. Abundance
  9. The Lord’s Prayer
  10. Note on the Lord’s Prayer
  11. Definitions



Definition of Divine Science 

The word, divine, means pertaining to God, as the immensity of the Divine Nature proceeding from God. The word, science, means truth ascertained; knowledge duly arranged; complete and pure knowledge. Hence the teaching of Divine Science is classified knowledge of Being manifesting in existence—God expressing in creation—the Creator revealed in the Creature.

Divine Science Stands for 

  1. The Fatherhood of God as Omnipresent Life, Substance, Intelligence, Power.
  2. The brotherhood of man.
  3. The unity of life.
  4. The highest thought in science, philosophy, and religion.
  5. The power of right thinking to release into expression in each individual life man’s divine inheritance—health, abundance, peace, and power.
  6. The goodness of the whole.
  7. The transcendence and immance of God as manifest in all created things, yet above and beyond all created things. God the Create and the Uncreate, the Visible and the Invisible, the Absolute and the Relative, the Universal and the Individual.

The Divine Science Statement of Being 

God is all, both invisible and visible.

One Presence, One Mind, One Power is all.

This One that is all is perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance.

Man is the individualized expression of God and is ever one with this perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance. 

--Textbook: Truth and Health


God is all, both invisible and visible; one Presence, Knowledge, and Power is all.

God is Spirit, Mind, First Cause, Father Principle—the Source of all.

God is the life and substance of His universe. God and God-in-Action is all there really is.

God is everywhere, therefore God is here. What God is, is everywhere, therefore what God is, is here. Health, joy, love, wisdom, supply, and power are here. Whatever God is, is here. This realization is my certainty of good.

There is but one God, infinite, eternal, and changeless. This Infinite is the All in all. It is the Source of which are all things. To this Source alone we turn for our good—there is none beside. We acknowledge but one Source from which and in which we find all perfect supply.

The Trinity 

Divine Science perceives God as Universal Mind Presence. It does not conceive God as a person. This Mind, conscious of its own Ideas, is this perfect state of consciousness which comprises the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Divine Science interprets and teaches this trinity as Mind, Idea, and Consciousness. Other terms expressing the same truth are Spirit, Soul, and Body

The Inherencies of God 

The nature of God is made known to man by means of the inherencies which express His nature. These inherencies are: wisdom, love, knowledge, understanding, power, life, and joy.

Concerning Creation 

Creation rests in the Mind of God as the ideal of that Mind, known fully by that Mind. Visible creation is the way we view the spiritual creation according to the degree of our spiritual perception. The so-called materialist judges that which he sees according to its finite, apparent limitations without perception of the spiritual truth underlying the outer manifestation. The Divine Scientist, understanding the nature of God as Mind, interprets visible creation in the light of its spiritual nature and its implications. We see the Body and all natural objects as Ideas in the Mind of God taking form according to the original divine pattern.

Concerning Man 

Man is the individualize expression of God, and is ever one with perfect life, love, intelligence, and substance. Man is the image and likeness of God. Man is the Christ Idea in Divine Mind. The individuality is the Christ. The personality is the degree of unfoldment of the individuality, which is presently achieved but destined to completely attain the fullness of the Christ stature.

Man is eternally what he is—a perfect idea in God-Mind. Inherent in man are wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. In essence he is love. Power is his birthright. Life eternal is his inheritance. Perfection is his nature. The Christ Idea held in Divine Mind is the perfect pattern of MAN. Man’s thought of himself changes as he expands in consciousness; and from change of thought come changes in his outer experiences.

Concerning the Power of Thought

The purpose of right thinking is to recognize the unity of Spirit, Soul, and Body, and to declare the fullness of life for all things. Man makes his own world to the extent that he measures his good to himself in terms of his thinking. Man does not create the good that is in his life, (God is the only Creator), but through his right thinking he become aware of the good that is always at hand.

Concerning Truth 

Truth is the eternal, changeless, underlying principle of Life. It is always with us, for it is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. There is no new truth. It is by the knowledge of that which is true, that we are made free from every false sense of bondage.

Use of the Bible 

Divine Science accepts the Bible as the book of Life—the story of man’s search for God. Through study of the Bible, we are able to trace the development of man’s concept of God as it is revealed through the medium of human experience. It portrays to us the unfolding of man’s consciousness from the Adamic degree of unfoldment to the Jesus Christ state of consciousness.


Jesus, having in the flesh incarnated, or fully manifested the Christ of His Being, became the perfect effect of perfect Cause. Thus we can no longer separate the Christ and Jesus. He who was Jesus of Nazareth, historically speaking, became the full embodiment of the Christ Consciousness, which has earned for him the title Christ Jesus. The way of life he practiced and taught has given us a New Name for all humanity—Jesus Christ. “. . . Know ye not your own selves how it is that Jesus Christ is within you? . . .” II Corinthians 13:5


Divine Science teaches that evil is a false belief in a presence and power other than God. Man’s unfolding process causes him to see only partially the truth of himself and of the world around him, and this false image in man’s thought causes a misconception of life. So long as man believes a lie, he is subject to it in his experience. As soon as he sees clearly, he sees no evil.


Man is immortal. God knows each man as an individual expression of Infinite, Eternal, Everlasting Life.


Death is an incident in an unbroken and endless life. It is not what our five senses report it to be. The individual continues to exist, to learn, to unfold in the same Divine Presence, guided by the same Divine Power, for there is only One Presence and One Power.


Divine Mind is changeless, perfect; it is puring out to man continually an unending stream of all that is true, beautiful, and good. Prayer is man’s means of increasing his own ability to open to that flood of goodness.

True prayer is acknowledging, affirming, and acting according to the true nature of Being. Prayer is a state of receptivity in which Truth is accepted. It is communion with God and realization of the Divine Presence.

Affirmative prayer opens man’s mentality to the flow of the great Universal Mind and he receives what has been there all the time for him.


Divine Science teaches the principle of healing as it was taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ. It is as demonstrable today as it was in Jesus’ day. The power of Love that freely forgives all our iniquities, just as willingly heals all our diseases. We know the same Source for health as for forgiveness, and one is as surely granted as the other.


Evolution is man’s coming to know. It is the gradual unfoldment of man’s consciousness to the full awareness of his oneness with God.


All the richness of God is ours! His Good awaits our acceptance in every area of our lives. We bring it forth through the law of realization which comes from affirmation and action.

The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, which are in heaven, Hallowed is Thy Name.

They Kingdom is come, Thy will is done in earth as it is in heaven.

Thou givest us this day our daily bread.

Thou forgivest our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Thou leadest us not into temptation but dost deliver us from all evil,

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever.


*See note below


The Aramaic, believed to have been the language spoken by Jesus, had no past or future tense, which is one reason for paying the Lord’s Prayer in the present tense.

Another reason is that the affirmative form of prayer is altogether consistent with all Jesus’ teaching and with his attitude relative to the oneness of God and man.





Definitions of terms used in Divine Science



Divine Science:

A practical, reasonable, livable teaching based upon the omnipresence of God.




Omnipresence—one and only Presence.

Omnipotence—one and only Power.

Omniscience—one and only Knowledge.

Omniaction—one and only action.




That which is eternal and changeless in the creative order of Being; Spirit, Omnipresence, Cosmic Consciousness, all right activity and perfection. Free from every restriction, unconditional; not comparative; ultimate; not derived from anything else, not dependent.




Opinion without a basis in Truth.




Substance (Spirit) made visible by God-action.




The indwelling identity of God-man, the divine individual.




A conception of Truth which is limited and temporal.




  1. Applied to the Universal it means God’s awareness of Himself, hence, of all there is.
  2. Applied to the individual it means to know together with God. This is realization of Truth.




God in action; Idea being expressed; substance made visible.

Invisible—Mind developing Its Ideas; God-Consciousness.

Visible—Idea expressed as form.




Idea-Form, or true out picturing of the heavenly consciousness. True manifestation. God’s creation manifested.




Basis of Truth, that which originates in God and proceeds forth from God.




Creator; Infinite Being; Mind Universal; the One All; Omnipresence inclusive of Its expressions.




Unfoldment; every-increasing realization.




A process in individual unfoldment; a change from a belief in inharmony to a realization of wholeness and divine harmony.




Image in God-Mind. Man is Idea before he is brought forth as living soul. God-Idea is eternal in God-Mind, it was never created. God-Idea is realized by man as he unfold Consciousness.




A center of God-activity, hence, of God-Consciousness; man’s true Being.




Attributes of the nature of God Being. Infinite wisdom omnipresent. Infinite love omnipresent. Infinite understanding omnipresent. Infinite power omnipresent. Infinite life omnipresent. Infinite joy omnipresent.




God-Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding in action; seen in man and in the laws and forces of universe, as purpose, law, and order.




God’s method of creation; God’s rule of action.



Living Soul:

God’s Idea of Man (of you and me) in expression; the individual brought forth; God expressing as man and all creation.




Pure divine energy manifesting as form. There is no such thing as matter meaning the opposite of Spirit, for Spirit and matter are two aspects of the same substance.




The wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God. It is universal, perfect. That which thinks, wills, and feels. There is but One Mind, God-Mind, Infinite Consciousness.




The degree of God-Consciousness which one has attained and expresses outwardly.




That which is first, supreme, therefore, one of the names of God; the true basis of judgment and action. Cause in its widest sense; that which brings forth, regulates, determines.



The Relative:

State of partial awareness of Truth. It may be right as far as it goes but it will unfold into fuller knowledge and consciousness.




Belief in imperfection, physical inharmony.




Period of physical and mental relaxation in which one joyously gives attention to the truth of our oneness with God.




God’s eternal and unchanging Idea of Man; Man in God before he is expressed.




Substance universal; the Substance of God, hence the Substance of all. Substance has within it the perfect pattern in God-Mind.




(From the Latin word “stare” meaning “to stand”). That realization of Truth which does not change and which has no opposites.




(Derivation: sub-under, stance-standing). The original quality and composition of Spirit; that Divine essence which underlies and supports visible creation.



Thought Training:

Conscious direction of the mind to complete acceptance of Omnipresence.




The triune or threefold expression of God; God-Mind, God-Idea, God-Manifestation.




Limited concept of creation, as opposed to earth, God’s true creation. The outpicturing of a limited concept of creation, obscuring God’s creation of the true earth.


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